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Introducing Menstrual Starter Kit

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Roovibe the smart & revolutionary wearable device, provides an instant relief drug-free approach for before, during and/or after menstrual cramps. Using heat therapy, active wormwood and in-built massage to eliminate and relieve cramps. A perfect gift for yourself, girlfriend, wife.

With Roovibe, it can be applied to many situation other such as stomach ache, lower back pain & tension. 

No longer the need of going through the motion of hassle remedies (Boiling water, burning your tongue, waiting for effects to kick start). With Roovibe, just wear it and relax. A perfect birthday gifts for girls/women, girlfriend, wife or her.

Menstrual Starter Kit Includes:

    • Roovibe Pain Relief Belt
    • FREE Portable On-The-Go Pouch
    • FREE 2M USB Extender
    • FREE Type-C USB Carble Cable
    • FREE 2x Active Wormwood Packs 
    • FREE 5,000mAH Powerbank 

    Safe & Water Resistant & Anti-Aging

    With it's water resistance TPU layer on both sides, it protects and prevents accidental spills or rain when worn outdoors, unless submerged completely. With it's TPU layer it also has a zero risk of electrocution, covered by soft silky nylon even when stored for a long time, it does not discolor. 



    How to use information

    Once you've worn the Roovibe, plug it into a powerbank. It'll give a wake up shake, do not be alarm. It is telling you that it is ready to go, press and hold the right icon("Shake/Fire") for 3 seconds till the red light appears.

    To change the temperature mode just press once for each setting, to turn on the massage feature hold on the left icon("Shake/Fire") for seconds. Changing the massage settings is the same as changing the temperature.


    3 Temperature Modes

    • Strong (Red) - For intense abdominal or lower back pain.
    • Very Warm (Blue) - For before, during or after menstrual cramps
    • Warm (White/Green) - Regular usage for soreness and minor pain

    3 Massage Modes

    • (Red) - Constant
    • (Blue) - Inconsistent
    • (White/Green) - Pulses

    Active Wormwood Herb Packs

    Wormwood is a herb that has pain-relieving benefits, induces healing of wounds and insect bites when activated (using heat). We recommend using 5/6 days once started using, we do not recommend storing it after usage, it each pack should be used one for each cycle.

    When you buy our starter kit, you'll be given 2 Pack. If additional is needed for ongoing months, you can purchase it via this item