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Roovibe works by generating a constant and consistent heat therapy to relax the muscles of the uterus, increasing blood flow and easing pain. If a build-up of blood in your pelvis is causing your cramps, using Roovibe help to alleviate blood out of the pelvis and toward the extremities.

It is made for convenience, we understand the hassle of boiling water, feeling bloated from constantly drinking warm water, waiting for water to cool or accidentally burning yourself, changing of heat packs and it taking awhile to activate.

Wormwood is a herb that has pain-relieving benefits, induces healing of wounds and insect bites when activated. The effects will only last 5/6 days when used, it loses the effect rapidly after 5/6 days from daily usage, hence our recommendation is to dispose after each menstrual cycle. (DO NOT INGEST)

Yes! Definitely, if you're experiencing severe pain, set it to the highest settings(Red) and use the included "Active Wormwood Pack". There's a in-built adjustable massage feature included as well.

Nope! Roovibe can eliminate strong menstrual pains and provide significant relief, even in the most severe cases. Relying on drugs comes with risks that might occur as well as building a resistance to it over time using long-term.

You should feel it's effect within 30s when you start it up, it'll take 2-3mins+ to reach the highest temperature setting(Red). Providing a fast and gradual heating preventing shock from heating too fast.

It is designed to be discreet, lightweight and non-restrictive with a portable side pouch for on-the-go. With it's ultra thin design and silky smooth comfortable fabric, you can wear it under your tops and it can barely be seen.

Yes, heat therapy is a well known method to help womens by providing significant pain relief.


Yes, Yes and Yes! It is a completely SAFE and drug-free method(Heat Therapy) which is recommended by doctors.

Yes! Roovibe can be used daily, The lowest settings(White/Green) are meant for regular daily usage. Not only can Roovibe help with menstrual cramps it can also help alleviate pain from stomach, kidney, lower back and soreness from old injury.

 Absolutely, it is built with 3 layers to be water resistance and as well as safe for direct skin usage. (NTC Heat Retention Layer, Water resistance TPU layer and the outer Soft Silky Nylon Fabric).

Absolutely not. Roovibe works externally and will not interfere with your cycle, hormonal balance, or other bodily functions. However we recommend checking with your doctor if you're unsure.

There are no known side effects from using heat therapy, if you're experiencing rashes Erythema ab igne (EAI) please stop using immediately and seek doctor advise.


Once you've worn the Roovibe, plug it into a powerbank via the USB port. It'll give a wake up shake, do not be alarm. It is telling you that it is ready to go, press and hold the right icon("Fire/Shake") for 3 seconds till the red light appears.

To change the temperature mode just press once for each setting, to turn on the massage feature hold on the left icon("Fire/Shake") for seconds. Changing the massage settings is the same as changing the temperature.

(Sometimes in rare cases item might be manufactured reversed, but it will not affect the functionality of the device).

Nope! Roovibe is powered by powerbank, allowing the convenience of switching to another spare when deplete.

We strongly discourage the practice of charging the powerbank while using Roovibe, it might damage and cause it to disfunction. It is always better to charge a spare while using the included powerbank and switch over when needed.