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Smart Pain Therapy

It starts off with the pain treatment increasing gradually and stably till it reaches 65 degree for the first 30 mins, then it'll slowly reduce to 40 degrees after. It automatically shut-off after 90 minutes of usage, to prevent intense usage of device when not needed. It also comes with 3 manual adjustable temperature modes:

  • 45°C (Red) - Regular usage for soreness and minor pain
  • 55°C (White) - For before, during or after menstrual cramps
  • 65°C (Blue) - For intense abdominal or lower back pain.
Roovibe Heating Treatment Device

Only Takes 1.5s To Activate Therapy

Water Resistant & Anti-Aging

With it's water resistance TPU layer on both sides, it prevents accidental spills or in rain when worn outdoors, unless submerged completely. With it's TPU layer it also has a zero risk of electrocution, covered by soft silky nylon even when stored for a long time, it does not discolor.

Activated Wormwood Herb

Wormwood is a herb that has pain-relieving benefits, induces healing of wounds and insect bites when activated. When you buy our starter kit, you'll be given 2 Pack. If additional is needed for ongoing months, you can purchase it via the menu link "Wormwood".

Roovibe Therpy Use Cases

Our Roovibe Heating Treatment Device not only can be used for menstrual cramps/pain, it can also help relieve pain for stomach, lower back and kidney when reverse used.


  • Roovibe Heating Treatment Device
  • Portable Charging For On The Go
  • Large 9 Stripes Heating Coverage
  • Does Not Require Regular Cleaning
  • Extendable Cable For Comfort
  • Adjustable Strap To Secure
  • 3 Adjustable Heating Modes
  • Fast Heating Mechanism
  • Feather-light Weight
  • Wormwood Herb Pack

Our starter kit have everything you need to help with reducing menstrual and other various pain with the help of activated wormwood pack. 

Receive your starter kit within 3 days when you purchase, start feeling relief for the months to come when you've Roovibe.