Roovibe U-shape Smart Pillow
Roovibe U-shape Smart Pillow
Roovibe U-shape Smart Pillow
Roovibe U-shape Smart Pillow

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Introducing Smart Relax Pillow

Innovative smart U-shape pillow with integrate extensively designed in mind with the utmost care for the user experience. Gel perfectly to neck of all sizes, encouraging a great posture with 3 smart adjustments designed help you revitalize and relax your body and mind when after used. Built with safe, reliable and satisfaction of dual motorized mechanism, giving you the absolute lifestyle.

Product Includes:

  • Smart Relax Pillow
  • USB Charging Cable


Did You Know?

While having smart phones is nice, but using it constantly while looking down leads to damages such as neck pain, soreness, upper back muscle spasms, and even premature degeneration which can lead to arthritis. With Roovibe's Smart Relax Pillow it provides 360 stereo support of your chins and neck with these features below:

  • Simulates shiatsu style massaging
  • Adjustable massage intensity
  • Vibration & light heat therapy
  • Memory Foam Cushioning
  • Portable for easy travel usage


Rotation Mechanism

The combination of pressure point & muscle relaxation massage imbedded with light heat therapy will help increase blood circulation and relieve muscle soreness, pain stiffness, tension and fatique.

Works both clockwise and anti-clockwise for an immersive experiences, with added of adjustable speed intensity.


Memory Foam Made For You

After rigorously testing for different body, shape and sizes, with careful selection comes with the best 50D compact memory foam to ensure when rest on your neck & head is fully supported. It also enable and encourage good posture, designed in mind with 360 stereo support for all sizes.

Rebounds within 3~5 seconds slowly, giving the ultimate balance of not being too soft or too hard.


How To Use Information

  1. Charging full takes 2-3 hours, when full you're able to use up to 2 - 4 hours of usage. Each treatment last 10 mins.

  2. Press and hold power button for 2 seconds, it'll power on automatically into working mode.

  3. Press the power button once(without holding) to switch between clockwise or anti-clockwise direction(Pinch/Reversal Massage).

  4. To switch between with or without vibration & light heat therapy, please press the "M" button once for each different modes.

  5. To switch the three intensity please press the "3 Bar" icon.

  6. It'll automatically go into snooze/shut off after 10mins, to continue for another 10mins please press the power button and hold.