Facial Miracle Absorber
Facial Miracle Absorber
Facial Miracle Absorber

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Introducing Facial Miracle Absorber
Facial Miracle Absorber is your daily skin-perfecting companion combining 5 unique technologies to reveal healthy and luminous skin.
Facial Miracle Absorber Kit includes
• Facial Miracle Absorber
• FREE 2-pin White Charging Cable
• FREE TJ Medical Serum (30/100mL)

5 Unique Modes
Facial Miracle Absorber has 5 unique modes for users to choose from:
• Clean: Warms deep skin, absorbs and removes dirt/impurities which are difficult to remove by normal washing of the face. Targeting acne bacteria. (Use with sticky toner/serum)
• Moisture: Accelerated penetration of antioxidants, penetrates nutrients into the stratum corneum of the skin, deep nourish of the skin allowing the skin to be moist and shiny (Recommended: Use while using a mask)
• EMS: Warm deep skin, and massage the muscle, allowing the skin to be flexible. Able to be used on the neck and shoulder area. (Recommended: Use with any skincare product)
• LED:
o Red Light – Promotes collagen proliferation
o Green Light – Purify the skin
o Blue Light – Soothes irritated and red skin
• Cool: Cools the skin, shrink pores, allowing the skin to be moister and shinier (Recommended: Use with a face mask or with any skincare products)

How to use information
• Once you've taken out the Facial Miracle Absorber, charge it by using the white cable. After it has been fully charged, remove the magnetic ring and place a sheet of cotton wool.
• Place a few drops of your TJ Lab’s Medical Serum of your preferred choice on your cotton wool and turn on the device to your preferred mode and enjoy the product!
• You can also use the device with any sheet mask of your choice

Product Specs
• Rating: DC 9V == 1A
• Battery: Polymer Lithium 7.4V (400mAh)
• Rated power: 9W
• Product Weight: 180G